304L Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet

Product Introduction

Type 304L is a lower carbon variant of Grade 304 – the steel can be welded without the resulting issue of carbon precipitation (precipitation of chromium carbide as heat is applied during the welding process which depletes the chromium element of the steel thus reducing its anti-corrosive/oxidation effectiveness)

As a result, Type 304L stainless steel is a sought after material for use in severely corrosive conditions. Weld annealing is only necessary in applications where stress loads are excessive.

This steel Grade is found in a variety of commercial sectors, particularly in the chemical industry..

Product introduction:

Commodity304L cold rolled  stainless steel sheet
Width1000mm,1219mm,1500mm as per customers’ requirements 
Length2000,3000,6000mm or as per customers’ requirements
Delivery timeAbout 15 -30 days or based on the sales contract 
MOQ1 Ton
AdvantagesLow carbon content eliminates carbon precipitation in the welding processCan be used in severe corrosive environmentsWeld annealing only required in high stress applications

Chemical Composition:

GradeChemical Composition (WT %)
304L≤ 0.03≤ 2.00≤ 0.045≤ 0.030≤ 1.0018.0 to 20.0≤ 9.0 to 13.0

Physical Property:

Physical Property
Tensile Strength(Mpa)Yield Strength(Mpa)Elongation(%)/Hardness(HV/HB)Density
≥480MPa≥175MPa≥40%/≤200HV 7.93g/cm3

Surface Finish: